I’m A Fat Vegan

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Well now that I’ve got your attention let me be honest. I may or may not transition into a vegan. I’m not quite sure yet but what I’m sure of is I’m taking control of my life. I recently learned that I had a hormonal imbalance that is due to my weight. When my OBGYN said that I instantly cried; one because all my life I heard from others that I love children so much I would be cursed not to have them. Now I don’t plan on having any anytime soon, because you know broke girl problems. But just hearing something was wrong with my body and particularly what makes me a woman was scary. Now I will say she assured me I will be able to reproduce properly and with weight loss my abnormality will go away. Not every woman is blessed to hear that, a lot of obese woman and woman in my family have health problems. Which never scared me because I remember as a young girl my family sitting me down and praying over my body, breaking every medical curse from touching me and I haven’t lost faith that God will keep that promise.

Honestly I don’t plan on making resolutions this year because I usually don’t keep them. Instead I plan to make  a vision board. I did this a lot as young girl with my mom and so far everything has come to past not on my own but because I dedicated each one to God. And had a lot of faith. that was in the past and I haven’t done one in about 10 years. I figured at 23 going into 24 now would be the perfect time.

Now back to this title, this week I started a challenge with a blogger, Peggy from Ontheqtrain,  I admire and look up to for three reasons , she’s black and successful, she’s a teacher, she’s vegan. Though her journey has just begun she was Courageous enough to do it and through it has lost 40 lbs. This was my first week and she challenged us to do two full days of being a vegan. Now I’ve done 10 days vegetarian which is easier because uh hello cheese, milk, yogurt. Vegan is a little harder and on my second day I found myself in the dumps and down. I felt like I was missing something and that my friends was meat, sweets, and fast foods. I’m used to picking out the food I want and getting it every time no matter the time. I’ve been a big girl all my life except when I was nine and under, by middle school I started gaining weight. I tried losing it plenty of times and was actually accomplishing it in 2010 until I got gall stones from losing the weight too fast, which scared me for what else would happen if I tried again.

This is a new journey that I plan to include my blog on being brutally honest and sharing my weakest and strongest moments. This week has not been the best but I plan to make next week better. Staying strong and knowing that this is just to strengthen the warrior that already exists inside of me.

No I’m not planning on becoming a size 0 my goal size is actually a 18/20 and I know it won’t happen over night but it can happen. No I’m not doing it to attract men, I decided two years ago if a man can’t love me at this size the way God does he doesn’t deserve the woman I am. I just wanna live a better life and not let my weight hold me back like I’ve always allowed it to. This also gives me a reason to learn to cook lol. Which I did a little of this week, I’m proud to say.

So be expecting more blogs not only on fashion, beauty ,and hair, but also this new journey of “Getting my Healthy Back”.

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