New Hair Product Review


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As promised I’m back with my first hair care review. If you did not know, apple cider vinegar is used in almost a trillion ways, but a great way to use it is a scalp cleanse. A good friend told me that about three years ago and I did it for a while but became too lazy my version all the time. Thank God for Cantu they came through. This product is under $10 and is so resourceful. Added into the formula is Tea Tree oil which is good to help dandruff if you have any. I used this after taking down my braids to assist with coming out the build up and ease the pain of combing out the knots. That exactly what it did I definitely will give this product a 5/5.

Below is a during application and after pic of my hair.

The next product by Curls is a gel which is supposed to help with styling. Didn’t get much use out of it because it’s meant to be used on wet hair and I blow dryer my hair. But I used it to help with my twist, and they’ve stayed well so you could say it does work!

I’m so excited to share more great products that I find that work or may not work. I’ll keep you posted.






6 responses to “New Hair Product Review

  1. Hey! Thanks for this, I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of either of these products, will definitely check them out!
    It would be great to read a bit more on stuff like first impressions, packaging (easy to use or not), what specific steps you took to wash and style, any other products used, etc 🙂

    Julz |

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    • Thank you for reading and definitely check them out they are great! Okay thank you I will definitely write these requests out and do a blog. I just got some new products so I can do some blogs on.


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