July AdoreBox Review


I’m back with my monthly review on one of my favorite subscription boxes. If you are not familiar with AdoreBox   I encourage you to read my first blog to learn  more.

This month I was sent some great products,one of them being a lip stick that apply’s wet and drys matte and trust me it is great. I even shower tested it and honey there was no transfer! I’m in love with this color and formula it is perfect for the summer.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Two facts about this product 1. It is made right here in Texas, Austin to be exact. 2. It is cruelty free and Vegan.

The next product was a shadow stick with a eye liner on the other side. You guys I really didn’t expect anything great from Rimmel London not because I never heard of anything great from them just because I felt they don’t offer a lot for people of color. My personal opinion of course. But you guys this shadow is something new, I’m literally going to go out and buy more.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetOnce you apply it and let it set this stuff does not come off. I literally wiped my eye three minutes after applying it because I forgot I had some on and nothing came off of my hands! That is a blessing for me because I tend to have oily lids and nothing really stays on long in this summer heat for me! Definitely a product you want if you have oily lids and if you need something quick and easy to apply.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

The third product I received are some recovery eye masks,, with  pure gold in it! How fun still have yet to try those, I’m not really sure why but I will definitely come back and add my thoughts.

The last product I received was bath tea. I typically don’t take baths I prefer showers. 1. Because I’m not lucky enough to have a Jacuzzi tub. 2. I really think baths are just sitting in your own dirt like how are you clean after that? Of course these are my opinions but if you love baths and bath salts this product would be a great one to try because it is naturally made no extra stuff!

Divas stay tuned I plan on having a my favorite skin care blog coming to you in the next two weeks . If you know of any products that you’ve tried and loved please leave them in the comment section. Especially if you have Oily Combination skin like I do, my t-zone is my oily area everywhere else can be normal.




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