Where to find Great Jeans for Plus Size Women


As a big girl I understand the struggle of finding great jeans that are comfy, yet trendy. Been there wrote the book! You go from store to store trying to find the ones that don’t have the elastic bands … if you’ve never had that struggle then you haven’t been chubby for a long time (lol)! Thank God there are stores such as Torrid that are here for us big girls. Another win for Torrid is that they have recently extended their sizes so they go up to a size 30. Hooray a brand that understands that plus size doesn’t stop at a size 24 (no shade) that’s straight truth!


The jeans I’m currently wearing in this post are a skinny cropped distressed jean! They fit comfy all though  they are a bit too big but that is because I am between sizes. My weight changes in every season I’m in so depending on if I’m stressed or not I can gain or loose weight. Something I’m working on but if you’re big you know it is mentally sometimes hard to loose weight.

Everyone knows that showing shoulders is the new trend for this summer, and if you don’t know then I have one question for you… what rock have you been living under? Now that you know, you could only imagine how excited I was when I received this top from Torrid. It is the perfect top to wear to Saturday brunch with the girls and then to go run errands in afterwards.

*** Disclosure  this post is sponsored by Torrid , but all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post, when buying you are helping supporting  Your Noir Diva .







One of my favorite pieces of this outfit are the shoes, when you see the front you think ” oh what a cute black peep toe” then you look at the back and you’re like yes come through tribal print! You can turn a simple outfit into something fun when you wear these shoes.

The accessories in this fit are so fun and so me. From the boho rings to the statement earrings, which are totally another die hard trend, tassel earrings, they’re  everywhere and I’m here for it.

The last two things I want to discuss are, my clutch which seems simple but is actually fun because the tassel (duh) and the calf fur on the front! Lastly lets discuss the sunglasses, now if you haven’t noticed from my Instagram stories, I’m Obsessed with the ombre’ lens and also the shape frame. This specific frame is an hexagon shape .

If you love this look as much as I do you can shop all my items below, or click throughout my blog and buy:

Destroyed Cropped Skinny Jeans  in Medium Wash       Flutter Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top in Black

Higher-Rise Bootcut Braided Detail Flared Jeans in Paradise

Wide Collection Neon Beaded Block Heels in Purple - Wide Width

Tassel Statement Earrings in Metallic

Oversize Ombr� Hexagon Sunglasses in Metallic Here is a similar frame because the ones I have are out of stock. If you’ve seen my Instagram though you will see me wearing this pair quite often.
Mid-Rise Cropped Skinny Jeans in Light Wash

Happy shopping,



6 responses to “Where to find Great Jeans for Plus Size Women

  1. I love those shoe!! Mainly because I can’t not for the life of me walk in super high heels. These are perfect!! You look fab thank you for sharing!!

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