Year of the GOAT

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Hello Divas,

It has been so long since the last time I’ve posted but I bring exciting news! I will be posting more and more in the next months thanks to my fantastic photographer Amy from Joylita Photography. If you are looking for a great person to shoot with for prom, graduation, maternity photos I suggest you book with her now because she is a busy lady!

This Sunday I Galen will turn 23 and for a week I’ve been thinking about how much my life has changed in a year. One detail that has changed is my number of close friends, I know that’s not that important but in the past, that’s all that mattered to me. Growing up a chubbet diva was hard, you never knew who your real friends were and that was always my mistake. Teenage Galen had better experiences with real friends and started to discover who she was which played a major role in picking my friendships. Now at twenty-two I literally have a small friendship circle and I love it. Less drama and more fun! If you don’t know one of my favorite shows to this day is Sex and the City, mostly because of the fashion but also because of how true a friendship Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha had.

Another thing I know that has changed is my view on my relationship status: SINGLE! I’ve grown to appreciate being single in ways I’ve never imagined. Now, since I am a Christian young adult I don’t find the joys of being single give me a pass to sleep with whomever I want, I see it as a freedom to do and be whomever I want. The dating life is as dry as the Sahara Desert but that doesn’t stop me from going out and exploring the city with friends and family. I plan to post a blog about being single in the upcoming weeks and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I welcome this new age with new understanding, learning, and growth. I want to continue to better myself and push myself to my fullest potential in everything I do. I want this year to be the Greatest Of All Time or the GOAT year as stated in the title.

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Get the look: Top Under $50 right now / Bottoms(similar) / Shoes

Can we just briefly talk about how amazing this top is. First, I am so happy bell sleeves have made a comeback! Fashion from the seventies just brings out the flower child in me.

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I am not a fan of lace but when I saw the sleeves on this top I just had to have it.

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This bag I received for my 18th birthday, wow that feels like forever ago.

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Well guys until next time, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment your thoughts about being 23 or your experience at that age.



10 responses to “Year of the GOAT

  1. I love this look on you and really feel your spirit through the photos. You have so much life to live, enjoy turning 23yrs and embrace new life lessons as you go! Luv the blog

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