For all my Subscription box lovers!


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Let me tell you guys one thing about myself, I LOVE makeup. I’m addicted I literally cannot stop buying it. I’m also addicted to skincare products, especially Korean skincare. What better way to satisfy my love of makeup and skincare products than with a monthly Subscription box. Last year my first blog was about the subscription brand Ipsy, which I still receive monthly. Well now I’ve found another subscription brand similar to Ipsy it’s called AdoreBox, while you do receive makeup and or skincare products AdoreBox is different, they also send health and wellness things or jewelry. How great is that and the subscription fee is only $15 a month! Another bonus is that you receive full sizes for some of the products! You could receive 4-10 items depending on what they choose.

***Disclosure I received all these products complimentary from AdoreBox ,but all opinions are my own.



This bag is the one I received last month, I know I’m really late Divas but a lot has been happening. I received six things in the bag which is one more than what I get in my Ipsy bag.

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The first product I would like to discuss is this moisturizer by Peter Lamas. I personally have never heard of the brand but I loved this moisturizer. I applied during my nighttime skincare routine, and woke up with smooth skin. It looked like I was glowing, my skin was vibrant and refreshed.


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The second product I want to rave about is the product pictured on the right by KleanColor.  I’ve heard of brow gels but never a brow tint that peels. Below I have a picture of what it looks like after applying the gel.

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In this picture I freshly applied the product, but after waiting a good 5-10 minutes of drying you peel the product off. The first time I really didn’t see a difference in my eyebrows but after using it a few more times I’ve fallen in love. It helps with darkening my eyebrows before I fill them in. Which makes my job a little easier.

The third product I received is the Laura Mercier eye shadow in the shade” Amethyst  ” which retails for $29.00. You guys I did not know she made eye shadow and I’m happy she does. The picture of what the product looks like is in the picture with the Klean Colors brow gel. The shadow is a stick cream pigment and glides on top of the eye so smoothly. It is pigmented ,but I feel like for it to pop on my skin tone I had to build up.

This is the look I created with the eye shadow, I place right on top of my lid.

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Can we talk about that glow on that cheek, yeassssss come through highlight! I applied my highlight with a  fan Crown Brush. This brush retails for $1.98 but it applies and blends like a luxury brand brush! You guys I’m obsessed with their brushes  I just bought 11 brushes for $20 through Ipsy.

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The last two things I received in my February bag is a choker and a pink lip liner. The choker ( seen in the first picture at the top), while very cute was not meant for the chubby divas. It literally was the smallest latch I have ever seen in my life, it barely went around my friends neck who is a size 4.

All in all I will say I love my AdoreBox subscription and I hope to work with them again soon because I was able to try out some new products I’ve never heard of or tried before. If you would like to join click here, and register !


Your Noir Diva


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