My Mom The Super Hero


Me(Left)  Mom (right)

Hello Divas! I’ve teamed up with some other incredible plus size blog babes to bring attention to women’s history month. If I’m honest I had no idea there was a women’s history month, but I’m glad there is and it’s right after Black history month, both of which I relate to. For this collab, we are honoring women who inspire us. Personally, there are many women in my life who I admire, whether it be a celebrity, family, or friends. But this one goes to my mother! Not only did my mom raise me as a single parent but she challenged me to do my best and be the best. There is no one else in the world that I’d rather be like than my mother.


1993 Girls Trip to N.O.

As a child, we all want to grow up and be like our mother. We play pretend and act like them, we go to their closet and try on their clothes and do our makeup like them. We even pretend to have phone conversations like they do with their girlfriends, on our play Barbie cell phones. My mom has always been my superhero, coming to my rescue whenever I needed her. She always has my back and teaches me valuable lessons in life. My mom became an R.N. in 2007 when I was at the age of 13. To me my mother is history, for six years I saw my mother attend college, work two jobs, take care of a preteen, and manage to have somewhat of a social life. My mom is one of the most disciplined people I know when it comes to school. She never slacked being one of the oldest in her class, and she was one of the top students in all of her classes. When we are reaching for greatness the enemy likes to throw obstacles our way to stop us from doing what we were created to do and every obstacle that was thrown my mother’s way I saw her conquer and win it with her faith and her prayer life.


Mom and Papa  Bear







My mother is not only great at succeeding at everything she does but she is the number one “chubbet” diva when it comes to style! As a young child my mom always made sure I looked my best from my nails to my clothes. She always said, “if I look good my child is going to look good”. Even at 22 she always has my back and I still look to her for advice on my hair and my clothes for my blog 24/7. She won’t even go shopping with me anymore because she says I take too long (I don’t believe her)! My mom has a lot of influence on my own morals about being a plus size diva and because of her, I believe that I can wear whatever I want and be beautiful. She always helps me believe in myself when it comes to my fashion. She always said, “don’t let the brand rock you, you rock the brand no matter who you are wearing.”


My mom not only taught me the importance of hard work, self-love, but also the importance of having a relationship with God. My mother is a prayer warrior. I remember hearing her praise and worship in her room to Fred Hammond. It was always inspiring hearing her fight the enemy with scripture and declare blessings in our life.

My mom is one of the most hard-working women I know. She is caring and will give you her last. She makes sure her whole family is taken care of and always comes to her sweet petunia’s rescue. I’m inspired to be a mother, daughter, wife, and friend like her!


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To my mother who is always makes sure I come first in everything she does. Who makes sure I’ve always had the best. Who makes sure I lack nothing and wants to see me succeed in everything I put my hands to. Thank you!  I not only honor you as a mother but as a woman, you are black excellence, and history in the making.

Love Sweet Petunia

If you love this collaboration please check out my blogger friend Kristal @ Fearless.Flawless. Free on Facebook and on Instagram @fearlessflawlwessfree  To see who she’s inspired by this month.




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