Queen of Hearts: V-day look 2

lrm_export_20170212_194612Hey, Divas, we are just TWO days away from that special day and I’m so excited to share another look.


What are you all planning to do on Valentine’s day? If you are still looking for some out of the box date ideas check out my last blog post.

This year I am single once again but for the first year I’m not sad about it nor am I jealous of the people around me who have someone special. I am honestly surrounded by love every day and I am filled with the love of God ,so there is no need for gates or shade at the moment. If you are not feeling that way this year I want to encourage you to plan a date for yourself. Have a spa day, get your nails, hair, and your makeup done. Boost your confidence, don’t allow yourself to stay in the house and sulk. Go out and dance with some friends, or go have a Galentine’s dinner. You are not the only person single on Valentine’s day and you won’t be the last. No, you will not be single forever; you are just being prepared for that special person who is deserving of your heart and your beauty. You are BEAUTIFUL! Do not allow yourself to think that you have to change something about yourself to get a date. You are not too big, skinny, black, natural, to have love. This is my encouragement to my readers because I am overcoming these doubts myself so you are not alone in this battle to Self Love. We have all heard the saying ” No one can love you until you love yourself.” I now understand what that means, it only took 20 out of my 22 years to gain this knowledge (lol). In other words, before you can accept the love of someone else you need to love EVERY part of yourself. It’s a process and that special person may come during the process or after who knows, but I guarantee that once you start to love yourself the way YOU want to, you will see change. You will stop searching for affirmation from other people and be free to be you!






Get The Look : Dress Torrid (old) Click here for a similar look, I also like this one/  Shoes : Chinese Laundry

I hope this look and post inspires you all to love yourself since it is the holiday dedicated to love! If you’re looking for some cool places to eat for that special day with friends or that special someone, check out the list below!


  1. Spindle top is a luxury restaurant located at the of the Hyatt Hotel. This is not your ordinary restraint it revolves allowing you to see all of Houston!! Dinner with b a view who can resist!
  2. Weights & MEASURES is the cutest place I’ve seen I love how urban it is. Located in Midtown perfect for a dinner with the girls then off to hit some clubs.
  3. La Table-Château I’ve never been here personally but when researching for this blog I stumbled upon it and I love the vibe it gives. Perfect for a date! Check them out yourself here.
  4. Local Foods is great for there otside and inside decor. They give you an L.A. feel down South. My favorite meal is the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich it’s tots refreshing!
  5. Cafeza is offering a special dinner including a three course dinner, live music all for $50 per person. Click here to make a reservation!  I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a cozy, intimate setting.


As always Divas find me on Instagram and Twitter @yournoirdiva!

Hope you enjoy this holiday,





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