Not Your Average Winter Colors!


2017 is finally here and I am SO ready to see what it has in store for us. I have a lot of things planned for the blog this year, so be on the lookout for a YouTube channel coming to you soon. Also, more collaborations and a lifestyle change as far as becoming a healthier me.

Typically January is when it actually gets a little chilly here in Houston. So far we are still in the lower 60s but hopefully sometime next week we will start to have some cooler weather. As you see I am wearing an olive lace-up sweater (olive has become one of my favorite colors) and a pink pleated skirt. You may be asking yourself, “girl why are you wearing that winter sweater with that spring skirt?” Well because fashion has no rules! Yes, I said it! I know people like to think it does but when you actually look at runways there are a lot of “fashion rules” that are broken. As the time changes so does the rules of fashion and I’m all for it.


I recently purchased these lace-up shoes at Old Navy for under $20 and I literally can’t stop wearing them. I feel like a ballerina when I wear them and also that gold goes with almost everything I wear and my closet.



Get the look: Sweater: Lane Bryant (similar) / Skirt: Torrid (similar) / Shoes: Old Navy



Photography by: Olivia Valdez


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