New Year, New Look


We are a few days away from New Year’s Eve and I just cannot wait! I know there is so much in store for not only this blog but my life! Every year I make a New Years resolution and some things I stick to, others not so much. For the past two years I have been making a goals list they don’t have a finish by date, they are just goals I would like to complete in life. Last year I put ” to blog” and so far so good. I may not be as successful as I would like to be yet and I still don’t have the website look that I want yet, but this has been the most successful thing I’ve fully committed to in the past four years. My life is not where I would like it to be, but I have a lot of love and support shown to me each day.

**** Disclosure this post is sponsored by Society+ all opinions are my own.

I was recently given the opportunity to collab with Society+ for a New Years Look-book and I loved it so much I decided to share some of the looks on my blog. If you have not heard of Society+ then what rock have you been hiding under? Seriously the tutus are to die for and one of the best things is they go up to a size 32, yes a 32 ladies. If you can’t tell I’m not your “average” plus size blogger, what I mean by that is I’m definitely not a size 24 or under. I’m not throwing shade at all, I just feel the bigger women are not often thought of or represented but that is for another blog, another day. Society+ I am grateful that you have extended sizes and trendy clothes to choose from.

Your Gold Diva





When I first tried this skirt on I did not like it on me personally, but after I saw the pictures I fell in love. Not only is the color great, there are so many places and events you could wear this skirt too. It’s not just for your New Years party but maybe a wedding or office party.

Get the look: Skirt: Society+/ Sweater: Torrid/ Shoes: Ivanka Trump (Similar shoe under $50) /  Purse : Aldo Accessories

Your Street Diva




I was really inspired to do a street style look with this skirt(similar in silver), pairing some Adidas and a leather jacket made it a little edgier.

Your Glam Diva:

Looking to drop jaws for New Years I definitely recommend you buying the Showstopper Sequin Maxi Skirt, it well definitely turns heads and is easy to dance in!



This lovely skirt is perfect for dancing and showing off your legs. This skirt is definitely one of my favorite all time skirt. For it being pleated I feel like it doesn’t make me seem bigger like most pleated skirts do.



Get the look: Skirt 1, Skirt 2

Your Fancy Diva



Get the look: Pants: Society+

Photo credit: The one and only Olivia Valdez

Divas, it has been a great year, and I am thankful for each and every reader or company that has been with me along this journey. Cheers! to what the future holds.


Your Noir Diva


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