Drug-Store Makeup Haul: Essence

img_7877Hello Divas,

This blog is for all you college girls out there like me who love makeup but you’re on a budget! Trust me I understand. A while back ( like two months ago) I had the idea of doing some blogs on some of my favorite budget-friendly makeup. I talked the idea over with some friends and they loved it. Honestly, with all the social media access we have I feel this generation only focuses on the Luxury make-up brands, mainly because we want to look like our favorite makeup gurus, I mean if I could do my make up like Manny MUA or Ellarie my life would be complete. I’m not bashing any make-up guru on what they use because some of them do recommend using cheaper versions of the products but sometimes you want the exact same thing, or am I the only one?

**** Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Essence Makeup all opinions are my own.

For this specific haul, I teamed up with Essence makeup and tried  out some of the products I was sent. I really wish I could have filmed this for you guys, but until I can start doing YouTube videos this will work. Essence can be found at any local drug store or beauty store, one of the most popular items I hear about is the brow gel. I personally use the brow gel and purchased it before I received any of the items pictured below and I love it. It keeps my eyebrows in place all day and adds the perfect brown tint to them.


I was sent two lipsticks, one a light pink, the second a pretty nude color. I was also sent a beautiful lip gloss which was one of my favorites if you have not yet noticed from my Instagram posts I am obsessed with lip glosses. I was also sent an eyeliner, mascara, and nail polish perfect for fall/winter.





I really liked this color for a soft pink for the fall.  Although it’s not very pigmented I had to apply several coats to my lips for it to even show this well.




The nude lippie as you can see was a tad too light for my skin tone so I ended up adding the lip gloss on top and loved that final touch.

The eyeliner I received went on just fine but after a couple of hours it started to run. I did like the color, the blacker the liner the happier Galen is.  I also received mascara , I loved the brush but the formula was a little too clumpy for me. You may not be able to tell it’s on my eyes but that’s because my eye lashes are literally nonexistent. Well except if I’m wearing false lashes.




I really do hope you guys enjoy this blog, please give me some feedback, leave a comment on what else you’d like to see me blog about.

Happy Holidays Divas!

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Pictures by Olivia Ann Photos


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