Dressing Room Fun : Look 1 Date Night

Guys, these past two weeks have been AHMAZING! Since I’ve last posted I’ve been to my first bloggers event , and my first Fashion X Houston show. Both of them were a blast and I got to meet great people.

So down to the good stuff it’s Fall and the season of pumpkin picking and cute dates is among us. Now my generation calls this season “cuffing season”, which basically means it’s time for you to go on dates to cuddle because it’s cold outside. I have never experienced this but I have some cute outfit  options for those of you who are going into cuffing season or pumpkin picking with bae and you don’t know what to wear.

This Sunday I was having girl time with my friends after our internship while walking out of Panera we saw a HUGE sign 30% off at Old Navy and of course we had to go in. As I mentioned before I just went to a fashion show on Saturday that left me inspired for the season so I decided to play dress up using my friends! I even did a cute outfit for myself!

Each one of my friends pictured have their own unique style I decided to include it but also draw outside the lines. Thankfully they loved it!

The look  Sarah is wearing is for a  casual dinner date night or a fun girls night out!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset



Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

My favorite part of Sarah’s look is the stripes under the Sweet Pea Peat Coat I love the color contrast. This look is kind of my Parisian inspiration!

Get the look: Straight – Dress,  Coat, Shoes

Plus: Dress, Coat

Stay tuned for the next couple of looks I will be posting over the week.




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