Clueless about Halloween

Hey Divas I’m back, with a new post for Halloween. Growing up in a Christian home with the head of the house being a pastor,  Halloween was not celebrated. As a young adult I chose to make up for all those years by getting dressed and going to a Halloween party every year since 2012.

Last year my friends and I decided to be either Cher, Dione , and Tai for Halloween or the Ashely’s from the cartoon Recess for this years costume.  We failed sadly with our try at being Bob’s Burgers charcters, and we ended up just doing our own thing.


As you  can barely see I was Mrs.Frizzle from Magic School Buss


“As if” we all need help remembering how totally AHMAZING Clueless was, the fashion in it was even better. From plaid outfits to Calvin Klien dresses Dionne and Cher had every girl who grew up in the nineties dreaming of a wardrobe like theirs. With Halloween being around the corner I thought I’d share some pieces for a Cher costume.



All of these pieces are perfect for the costume and they can also transition into a great outfit for a night out with friends.

Get the look: Dress : boohoo // Shoes: boohoo // Purse :ASOS// Lipstick: Target// Choker: boohoo




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