Sunday Funday



Happy Friday Divas!

Im so excited about this weekend, mainly because it’s a three day weekend, second I get to shoot  a fall bog with a new company I’m collaborating with. My first collaboration and I’m so excited, so be on that look out for that Monday.

If you read my #BacktoSchool blog from Sunday I mentioned doing an internship for my church. I’m proud to announce that I’ve been accepted! In honor of my acceptance I’m going to do a post for a Sunday look that is casual and fun for brunch, church, or just running errands.

A really big trend I’ve noticed this summer and that will continue into fall is bandanas. I first noticed this on my Instagram, then in magazines and now on the runway. The most common use is as a choker,  and some are wearing them as bracelets. I’m a ninties baby so I chose to style mine as a choker because how could you not love those.












I hope you guys enjoyed this look!  Don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms: Instagram : yournoirdiva 

twitter: yournoirdiva

snapchat: yournoirdiva

XoXo, Galen



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