Hang On


This has been a season of waiting for me. Staying patient is never easy ,epically when you feel alone in your storm.  Patience and loss of direction are not a good pair either. You have to stay patient but you’re lost in your purpose or confused on how to get where you are going.

Have you ever been driving and using your maps on your phone or car? It’s the 21st century of course you have. You are listening to all the directions and making all the right turns, but when you pull up to where your destination is supposed to be there is an empty lot. You know your destination is somewhere around you, you are just not sure what it looks like. You check the street sign , and it’s correct you’re just a few feet away from where you’re supposed to be. This is my life at the moment.I know my destination is close I just have a few feet to go. All around is chaos, and while you are waiting trying to find your destination a car comes out of no where and crashes into you. That car represents how the enemy attacks every time you are close to the miracle/blessing.

Luke 8:43 is a verse that has been taught about twice in one week. If you don’t know it I encourage you to read it,because I’m only going to speak I what I receive from it. The woman in the verse is sick, and has been for twelve years. No doctor would see her she was at a dead end. When she heard Jesus was coming she stretched her faith and kept moving foward. She had enough faith to believe that if she just touched the hem of Jesus’s garment she would be healed. And she was INSTANTLY! She held on even after twelve years of no. I could not imagine, I’ve only been alive 22 years but if I was told no for healing for 12 years before 12 I would have probably given up. That is #faithgoals, I know I’m close to my destination I just need to Hang On to the promise of God.

I want to encourage each one of you to do the same, no matter how hard the enemy tries to attack the victory is ours! “No weapon formed against us shall prosper”( Isaiah 54:17) Your blessing is on the way or else he wouldn’t be bothering you! Stay strong in the Lord!





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